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Mock Bar Regional Heat

Fri 08 Dec 2023

On Saturday 2nd December, our Sixth Form Mock Bar Team headed to Ipswich Crown Court for the regional heat. Students have been preparing two cases – one on public nuisance and one on computer misuse and unauthorised access. The leading judge of the competition expressed how these crimes are very common and they are seeing them day-to-day in their courtrooms.

We had our four barristers – Alice T, Jessica A, Toby H and Max C ready for both their prosecution and defence cases. Our witnesses, court clerk, usher and jury members have also been preparing for the competition since September and the students were eager for success and been preparing well and working hard. It was excellent to see the students performing at their best in the Crown Court. We had some powerful speeches, cutting cross-examinations and the students delivered their best performance yet.

The day was very enjoyable and the judges were very impressed with the students – commenting how they could have been doing their barrister pupillage! After an interesting Q and A with the judges involved, we then found out that we were the winners of the regional heat! This means that the students are through to the national final in March, in the Royal courts of Justice in London. An amazing result!


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